Exercises for a home gym on a budget part 2

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It’s easy to find versatile cheap equipment to use at home on a budget. A set of resistance bands and a bionic bar can be enough to target every muscle group! Resistance bands can be anchored in a doorframe or sturdy object. You can stack bands to get as much resistance as you need.  There are many exercises for a home gym on a budget to choose from. All of these exercises are key to developing your own program, and these exercises are ideas for you to use and incorporate.  Let’s take a look at some more exercises you can do with some simple tools!


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Double band lunges

Banded kneeling glute bridges

Bionic bar stiff leg deadlift


Incline banded press

Flat Bionic bar press

Bionic bar turn to press


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Banded lat pull downs

Banded horizontal row

Bionic bar bent over rows


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Banded rear flys

Bionic bar overhead press

Bionic bar front raises


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Double banded curls – neutral

Banded kickbacks

Bionic bar double band curls – pronated

Bionic bar overhead extensions

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