Exercises for a home gym on a budget part 1

Now that you’ve acquired some home gym equipment you can begin to learn exercises and variations to do in your own space. Most home exercises can be performed with resistance bands. Stacking the bands can provide as much resistance as you need.

Usually, a band set comes with a door anchor for even more options! looping bands around a banister or sturdy furniture leg can also work. A bionic bar is a great addition to increase the versatility of resistance bands.

Although we are going to go over a broad variety of exercises, constructing a program should be individualized and systematic.


Band squats

Side stepping

Banded Hamstring curls


Flat banded press

Banded chest flys

Banded push ups


Banded deadlifts

Banded bent over rows

Bionic bar lat pull downs


Banded overhead press

Banded front raises

Banded Side raises


Double banded curls

Banded overhead curl

Banded tricep extension

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