A unique machine for hand, wrist, and elbow function.

Muscle imbalances at the hand, wrist, and elbow are very common in today’s society. It’s difficult to avoid dysfunction as many factors contribute to overuse injuries such as tendinitis. Sitting at a desk hunched over a keyboard and mouse can lead to carpal tunnel, but overdeveloping particular muscle groups used in activities like rock climbing, golf, and tennis can cause issues as well. 

Performing an assessment is a good place to start to identify which muscles might be contributing to your problems. The general approach is to strengthen the weakened, neglected muscles OPPOSITE of your problem-muscles. Once you figure out which muscles are overdeveloped, and which muscles are weakened, you can choose the right corrective exercises to include in your programming



Forearm Endurance

Grip Strength 

Supinated Wrist Curls

Pronated Wrist Curls

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Ely Jennis, president CEO of Strong Links Fitness Ltd. has been a personal trainer for over a decade. Ely specializes in sports medicine and outdoor adventure sports, including rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, trail running, and kayaking.

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