What is a Styku scan and how can it help you track your progress?

The Styku scan

Benefitting from exercise requires discipline and consistency. Often one of the biggest hurdles people face is holding themselves accountable. It’s important to track your progress and ensure you are improving. The Styku scan is a full-body scan that maps a 3D image of your body. Using precise measurements the Styku scan can estimate many different health metrics. 

The Styku scan can chart the circumference of any location on the body as well as volume measurements of limbs and your torso. We can take a cross-section of any measurement and compare it to future scans. This will allow us to monitor the exact changes in any part of your body. 

The Styku Scan can track body part measurements and changes.

The Styku scan uses body landmarks to determine where to take its measurements. With this information, we can also look at static-posture. This information can be combined with other assessments to map an individual’s muscle imbalances and influence their exercise strategy. 

The Styku scan has a calorie counter that uses the standard Harris-Benedict formula to determine BMR and estimated energy expenditure. Using these figures we can dial in a weight loss formula that is sustainable and effective. 

The Styku Scan provides different views and statistics for your measurements.

The Styku scan uses various ratios between measurements to analyze your risk of different obesity-related diseases and cancers. It’s essential to understand the risks associated with obesity and understand they can be mitigated with an individualized exercise program. 

Tracking results with the Styku Scan is precise and comprehensive.

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