5 cool landmine accessories

Once you begin with the landmine you might want to switch it up and add some landmine accessories. There are many fun attachments made for the landmine that make it different and challenging and modify the landmine for anybody group.

The landmine is a cheap and easy piece of equipment that adds a whole new dimension to training. All you need is the landmine attachment and a barbell to get started and there are many landmine exercises that can be done right off the bat.

With the right attachments, you can squat, clean, press, and row with the landmine. Let’s take a look at some cool landmine accessories:

Titan press handle

The titan press handle turns the landmine into a full-on pressing station. A staple in strongman, the Titan press is a great exercise for delts and pec. The titan press handle allows the landmine to be power cleaned as well, allowing for many explosive movement variations. The titan press can be performed seated or standing, and the angle can favor the pec or deltoids more.

Linebacker squat

The linebacker squat completely changes the game for leg day. Hack squats, side lunges, lever squats, box squats are all available with the linebacker attachment. The linebacker attachment can be used for pressing, and deadlifting as well. Many difficult leg exercises can be performed with this attachment, which adds just the right amount of instability to the lift. The linebacker squat adds a fun variation to leg training and a great way to stay motivated.

Multi grip bar

The multi-grip bar really allows the landmine to excel as a rowing platform. The multi-grip attachment lets you perform wide grip, narrow grip, and medium grip bent over rows. The multi-grip bar is not too expensive but can really provide different ways to isolate the back as opposed to a traditional close grip. T-Bar rows are a tremendously effective alternative to bent-over barbell rows or deadlifts.

Wide grip handle

The wide grip angled handle essentially turns the landmine into an oblique and core machine. Twisting motions, shoulder movements, and pressing can all be accomplished with the added difficulty of stability. The lightest weight becomes effective with the wide grip handle. Many times rotational movements are neglected, leading to various muscle imbalances. The wide grip handle is a fun and challenging way to train your core!

Gnarly Grip

The gnarly grips are an excellent multi-functional handle. These grips allow you to perform various rowing and pressing movements unilaterally. One arm snatches, cleans, and presses are all possible with the gnarly grip. Front raises, one arm lat rows and even curling becomes possible with all the various angles the gnarly grip provides.

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